Alex Teplitz

Editor - Designer - Writer - Art Director

Available for Work
Writing, Editing, Art Direction, and Game Design
[email protected]

Hi, I'm Alex.
I'm a writer and creator from New York City, currently living and working in Los Angeles in the tabletop gaming, game design, and production industries. Current Editor, prev. Art Director at Hunters Entertainment, Creator on Confluence RPG, and Production Assistant at the Pixel Circus Studios. Prev. New Player Ambassador at One More Multiverse, Production Assistant at the Scabby Rooster, Community Manager at Never Ending, LLC. I'm available for work in a freelance and part time capacity.

Flexible for Creators of Marginalized Identities/Need
Writing: $0.12 per word or $20 per hour
Editing: Line/Copy Editing $0.5-$0.10 per word, Developmental Editing $18 per hour
Stream Appearances: $15 per hour for Commercial Use, Credit for Non-Commercial/Charity

Streaming & Panels

Alex has been streaming tabletop games since 2020 as both a game master and player. He is currently a Dungeon Master and Co-Producer on Total Party Kiss. They have appeared on actual plays, streams and panels with HappyJacksRPG, GoingCritRPG, Adventurer's Pack, Gehenna Gaming, TTRPGifs, BeNeverEnding, SuperDillin, and more. He has GM'd a variety of games to raise money for charity, and is eagerly open to future stream, panel, and podcast appearances.

Writing & Editing

Alex graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts in English after writing an interactive fiction thesis focused on identity exploration through role playing and worldbuilding. They are a queer game designer and editor whose work tells stories about agency, monstrosity, and found family.

  • Confluence: The Living Archive RPG (2024) - Settings Writer and Editing Team for Publishing Goblin LLC

  • Nexaria for 5e & Pathfinder (2024) - Editor

  • Cyberblood (2024) - Module/Adventure Writer

  • Alice is Missing: Silent Falls Expansion (2023) - Editor, Art Director, and Playtester for Hunters Entertainment

  • Kids on Bikes Second Edition (2023) - Art Director, Development/Copy Editor and Playtester for Hunters Entertainment

  • The Sunken Sanctuary (2022) - D&D One Shot Designer and Writer for One More Multiverse

  • Anansi's Tapestry of Lives (2022) - Marketing Coordinator and Contributing Writer/Editor/Designer for NeverEnding, Inc

  • Gods of Metal: Ragnarock (2022) - Developmental/Copy Editor and Playtester for Hunters Entertainment

  • The Vineyard Project (2022) - Contributing Writer and Mechanical Designer for Friday Strout

  • Neum (2021) - Personal Worldbuilding Project

Professional GM

Alex has been playing in and running tabletop games for over seven years and worked as a Professional Game Master for fiive. He prioritizes the safety and agency of players, building stories based on the narrative potential of what they bring to the table. He has worked at virtual and in-person conventions as a facilitator, event planner, panel moderator, and game master.

As President and Event Coordinator for the Discordians, a collegiate tabletop gaming group founded by Keith Baker, they coordinated 2-3 gaming events each week for four years. He hosted multiple ongoing campaigns, teaching over 200 passionate new players how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

As a New Player Ambassador for One More Multiverse, a virtual tabletop company, he created weekly workshops, GM'd one-shots, and hosted ongoing West Marches-style campaigns. From Blades in the Dark to For the Queen to Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast, his GMing prioritized indie TTRPG creators, interactive maps, and collaborative gameplay.


Heroes of Barcadia
Kickstarter Fundraising

Player - Cassidy
@ Adventurer's Pack
Marsha P. Johnson Institute Charity Fundraiser

Player: Theo Marković
Modern Mythology Demigods RPG Longshot, Completed

Dungeon Master
Saturdays @ 12pm EST
Queer Horror Homebrew D&D Campaign
50+ Episodes

Interview: "Strange Hungers, Worldbuilding, and Player Agency" on Dungeon Master's Toolkit

Game Master
Queer Horror-Fantasy
DIE RPG Longshot
On Hiatus

Game Master
Mork Börg, Three Part Series, Completed

w/ @AndreRiveraArt
Trophy RPG Longshot
Completed, Co-Written Incursion Coming Soon

Player - Aurelius D'Lyon
Vampire: The Masquerade
NYC Chronicle
9 Episodes, Completed

Player - Jude Black
Vampire: The Masquerade
GM'd by @Superdillin
4 Episodes, Completed

Alien: An Anthology
@ Gehenna Gaming
3 Episodes, Completed

Panel Moderator
Reclaiming Queerness and Monstrosity in Horror
Virtual Horror Con 2022

Alex Teplitz (He/They), Wes Franks (He/They), Ellie Collins (She/They), Puja (She/Her), Sarah Chaffee (They/Them), Nala Wu (They/Them), Raven (They/She)
"The history of horror media is as rich with stories of despair as it is with stories of hope. But those stories have often victimized and vilified queer and marginalized identities. Join us for a panel about reclaiming narrative control through TTRPGS, as we discuss how horror tropes and histories can become tools for empowerment!"

Bluebeard's Bride
Fund Texas Choice
Charity Game


TTRPG Portfolio

Nexaria (2022)
for Luis Castro

Created Style Guide
Line, Copy, and Developmental

**Kids on Bikes 2nd Edition (2022)
Hunters Entertainment **

Developmental, Line, & Copy Editor
Playtester & Mechanical Editor

Anansi's Tapestry of Lives (2022)
NeverEnding, Inc.

Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Contributor
Kickstarter Marketing and Outreach
Writing, Editing, and Development

**Gods of Metal: Ragnarock (2022)
Hunters Entertainment **

Developmental, Line, & Copy Editor
Playtester & Mechanical Editor

The Vineyard Project (2022)

Contributing Writer
NDA/Unreleased Writing
Mechanical Development

The Sunken Sanctuary (2022)
One More Multiverse

One-Shot Writer & Designer
Wrote and Level Designed Maps, NPCs, Encounters, Plot
Ready-to-Play D&D 5e One-Shot
5,300+ Downloads in Marketplace